In every person there is a great potential of riches, talents, strengths... We all have sufficient interior resources to face the diversity of situations that life presents, to solve our problems, to find meaning in our lives and to be happy. At PRH this is one of our fundamental certitudes.

Living a growth process which helps us to discover: who we are, what makes us unique, the values that we share with others and how to act in accordance with them, how to accept our limitations in a constructive manner, empowers us to contribute to the emergence of a more human and just society. In short, the development of each person and of their relational competencies is a powerful engine for social progress.

PRH (Personality and Human Relations) is an international school of education, based on on-going research which specializes in the growth of individuals, couples and groups.

Our education is for adults who want to grow in self-awareness and autonomy, and, who want to become better equipped to face the challenges of life. It is also for those who are searching for a better quality of life, and who seek more harmony in their personal and professional relationships.

PRH has been present for more than 40 years in over 30 countries across 5 continents.
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Président of PRH-International