Starting from our dynamic and positive understanding of the human person, we have closely observed the psychological growth process . We consider this growth process as a natural human phenomenon that we have studied and mapped out over the past 30 years in such a way as to help people on their growth journey.

All persons aspire to become themselves and desire to break free from all obstacles. This aspiration is fundamental to all persons and contributes to constant evolution throughout one’s life. This aspiration is at the source of motivations that foster the analysis of one’s lived experience. Working on oneself in this way gives access to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Our approach stimulates you to become aware of your profound identity, starting from your own experience . This identity is linked to your own qualities, you inner riches, your aptitudes, in fact, to everything that makes you unique. As a result, your choices will be more in line with your deep identity.

For this, we will help you take into account your whole person, as well as your environment:

As you live all these dimensions with increasing harmony and fidelity to yourself, you will reach internal order. This leads to a sensation of greater unity and helps you live with flexibility.

Living in order internally requires the following:

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