For every training means, we pay attention to the consequences arising from the discoveries made and which lead to one or several new orientations related to the person’s life or areas of the person’s life. Participants are always invited to weigh the importance of these internal invitations for their life. This affects the person’s freedom and commitments.

In order to manage one’s life well, we propose a method for decision making. We teach this method to anyone who wishes to learn it. It is related to the ability to analyze, which enables contact with the life stirring within. Discernment is no longer made from others’ requests, trends, or principles, but from an internal reference point which, in PRH, we refer to as listening to the deep conscience. The c onscience is the key to personalization .

In this way, PRH offers a structured decision making method. This assessment or methodical approach can help persons make decisions, whether important or small, which are coherent with the person and the circumstance of his/her life.
A good decision may at times be difficult to make, may require great efforts, and on the short term, does not necessarily bring harmony. However, it creates the sensation of having made progress in a process that eventually leads to growth, to greater harmony and to more authentic relationships.

There is a specific workshop in which the PRH method for decision making is the main focus. Through it, participants become more skilled in the decision making process and can use our method on their own in their daily lives.


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