A better balance between the various realities of your person becomes possible:

  • Your uniqueness will manifest more and more
  • Your intellect will find its rightful place in guiding your life
  • Your sensibility will play its role with flexibility
  • You will respect your body.

More and more you will make decisions that will:

  • Correspond to who you are
  • Take into account what is both realistic and fulfilling
  • Be liveable for your sensibility
  • Respect your body’s strengths and limitations
  • Consider the overall context in which you are living
  • Allow you to maintain your commitments or to make the necessary changes.

Making decisions in this way is by no means an egocentric approach to reality. It is the implementation of what we call the deep conscience, which takes into account, in a realistic manner, your personal reality, the reality of others as well as the surrounding context.

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