(Formerly: The Meaning of My Life)

Orienting one’s life according to one's true potential


     ▪ To gain a better understanding of yourself and of your life
     ▪ To discover how to reorient your life so that it attains its full meaning


In Part One, through re-reading your own history, you will identify:
     ▪ The emergence of the most characteristic and most important aspects of your personality and their expression in your actions
     ▪ The search for your own path in life
     ▪ The key to the meaning of your life
     ▪ The mechanism of self-justification
     ▪ How your instinct of being can help you in your search for meaning

In Part Two, we touch on some important questions concerning the meaning of life:
     ▪ The growth of the being
     ▪ Death
     ▪ The question of God 
     ▪ Your place and your role in humanity