(Formerly: My Human Responsibilities in Management or as Senior Executive)

profile as manager and axes of responsabilities,

24 hours module


▪ To identify and deepen your understanding of your responsibilities in the enterprise and toward society  
▪ To 
be more clear regarding the strengths and difficulties which are part of your profile as a manager

in order to become more effective and to exercise your specific creativity in your role as manager, for the mission of the enterprise or organization.


There are two to this module:

     ▪ Part One has you look at your profile as manager 
         - What is characteristic of you, your history your strong and weak points
         - The present stage of your mission

     ▪ Part Two has you look at the four axes of responsibilities common to all managers : 
         - The responsibility for the unfolding of the mission of the entreprise or organisation  
         - The responsibility for its professional relations  
         - The responsibility for the climate and the mobilization of the group 
         - The responsibility for a more human environment in the entreprise 

This module ie exclusively for managers of entreprises or organisation, and who are responsible for personnel 

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