Founded in 1970, PRH is an International School of Education for adults and young adults. It is based on ongoing research and exists on all five continents.

PRH Education is for individuals, couples and groups. It is a method for the development of persons’ potential, based on proven psychological research. This education:

Our training offers various tools for personal growth. It takes into account all areas of life: personal, relationships, family, professional and social. Persons can discover their personal worth and that of others, their deep values and the meaning of their life. We provide assistance in freeing the desire for happiness as well as the ability to live more harmoniously with oneself and with others.

We invite participants to experience their personal riches and resources. We help them strengthen the most essential part of themselves and to experience and develop it. We accompany them in the harmonization of all aspects of their personality. In this way, persons can:

 We support constructive decision-making and commitment consistent with one’s deep conscience. In this way we assist in helping individuals to live their life from a realistic perspective.
Our training can lead to more authentic relationships. It allows individuals to take their place in a well-adjusted way in friendships, with partners and family, in professional and social relationships…. We help people become aware of the importance of a quality relational environment. We motivate individuals to discover constructive points of reference for all these types of relationships. In this way, it is possible to achieve greater emotional maturity using the proposed means.

Through the training of individuals, we contribute our part towards the humanization and advancement of society. Those individuals who advance in this training improve the quality of their relationships and the manner in which they take care of them. They also contribute to the construction of positive and effective social environments.

The educational approach favours means for self-training such as:

Participants advance at their own pace and according to their own needs. Those who wish to do so can use the PRH method in a much focused manner, leading as far as in-depth restoration of their potential. Through this journey, they rediscover their inner freedom, their relational dynamism and their creativity.

The process used consists of:

Our method is effective insofar as individual participants meet the following conditions:

PRH relies on certain values, notably:

It is the deep desire of all PRH Educators to fulfil this mission.