" Persons and their growth", The anthropological and psychological foundations of PRH Education"

Written by a PRH-International team, this book presents the PRH research...
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, It is available in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Portuguese.


The origins of PRH psycho-pedagogy

Part One
Psychological and pedagogical research at PRH

Part Two
The PRH explanatory system

An overall approach to the person The five pivotal centres of the person and their different ways of functioning

The Being
The “I”
The Body
The Sensibility
The Deep Conscience
Persons and their environment
Relational and affective life

The phenomenon of growth
The phenomenon of healing past wounds
The meaning of life
The person in order

Part Three
Applications and extensions of the PRH explanatory system : social dimension

The group
The couple
The education of children

By way of conclusion
Impacts of the growth of persons on Society