These are workshops on concrete themes or on specific questions aimed at getting to know PRH or at gaining a deeper understanding of a theme drawn from a workshop module.

There are usually between 6 and 15 people in attendance at these workshops.

Taking into account the duration of these workshops, they cannot be expected to have the same impact as five-day workshops.

Short workshops are recommended:

  • if you have a specific need related to a theme
  • if you would like to get to know our approach
  • if it is not possible for you to participate in a five-day workshop

Following one of these workshops may allow you to gain a significant increase in awareness or to find elements of answers to questions which have been living in you. These activities precede or complete five-day workshops.

In each country where PRH education is offered, two-day workshops are available. To obtain a list of the full program of these workshops, contact the educators in your country or region.

(See addresses on this site)

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