Who Am I?

Becoming more aware of the solid core of your personality


  • Gain better self knowledge.
  • Identify your most central aspirations.
  • Clarify the necessary conditions for the unfolding of your personality and for gaining greater self-esteem.
  • Progress in solidity and self-assurance in life, so as to better face life’s difficulties.


Global approach: The phenomenon of the self-image

 Part 1 – The impact of the environment on growth

  • The impactof the human environnement.
  • The impact of the material environnement.

Part 2 – The important realities of the person

  • The being: an essential reality and central core of my personality. A wellspring of potentialities and aptitudes most often not well known
  • Intellect, freedom, will: three faculties that can cooperate with my full development
  • My body, source of energy, and which I must take into account
  • My sensibility: its manifestations – its reactions – The phenomenon of hypersensitivity and its causes
  • My deep conscience – making constructive decisions

Part 3 – How to progress?

  • Living certain basic attitudes.
  • Progress along three poles of growth.


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